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Next Release: The Pavement Poet Short Documentary

I've always been curious about the people who lead lives that are unconventional (by society's standards), so when I first saw Danny sat on...

Posted 29th September 2017

Shooting My First Documentary

In summer 2016 I shot my first short documentary. When it got picked up by FilmConvert who then interviewed me about the film, I was pretty excited, and felt rather proud of myself…

Posted 20th February 2017

Tamara Gabriel

Tamara Gabriel

Director, Filmmaker

When I began my journey into filmmaking in summer 2016, I knew I wanted to start out by filming a documentary; I loved the idea of the unpredictability of it - the fast pace at which I'd have to go about it. Plus, people have always interested me; their lives, their feelings, their choices, the stories they share about what inspires them to live how they live. After shooting my first documentary, I had the bug to shoot another, and it just went on from there. I began making a conscious effort to meet new people, and also developed the confidence to approach those people.