storytelling through video

What do I film?

I love to capture real-life events and people’s stories. You could call these documentaries, profile pieces, behind the scenes, etc, but at the heart of this, it's your story that is the key to bringing awareness to your cause, project, product, service, or mission. As a filmmaker I help you share that story.

What I've filmed Recently

Tamara Gabriel

Tamara Gabriel, Filmmaker

The power of story

So, you're probably sick to death of hearing filmmakers go on about story and how we're all storytellers, but we only bang on about it because story is so powerful in captivating an audience and getting a message across, or even guiding a person to take a certain action. Crafting a story is what makes a video so engaging. So, the videos that I create are always driven by a good story, and most of the time (because of the type of films I produce) those stories are real-life, and often your own.

My process

share & engage.

Let's get your video seen by the right people

During our chat I'll most likely ask you questions about your plan for distribution. Don't worry, they're not trick questions, promise! I just want to make sure that you've thought of all the possible distribution options in order to get your video in front of the widest, relevant audience possible. So, if you don't have a plan or you kind of have a plan but need some guidance, I can certainly help you out!

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