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The process


Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

During our consultation with you we'll inevitably ask you one key question: what's your plan for effectively using your newly produced content to reach the right audience, in order to fulfil a specific call to action? Don't worry if you don't know the answer because it's not a trick question, promise. However, if you did struggle to answer and are now mildly panicking, we can certainly help you figure it out!

Tamara Gabriel

Tamara Gabriel, Creative Director

The power of story

"When Doodlebox Media moved into becoming a media production company, the last thing I wanted was for us to create content that had no clear goal. I also wanted the content we crafted for our clients to have purpose and be engaging, and I wanted us to work with the type of clients who could see the value and the power that story has in engaging with an audience. We love working out the strategy and we thrive on the whole creative process, and when you join us you'll see how our passion is transferred into creativity. We can't wait to work with you!"

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