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The Making of Bye Bob

BYE BOB was the first film I’d ever written a script for. Sure, I’ve filmed a couple of short docs and profile pieces, but until now, I’d never written a script for a film. There was…

Posted 22nd June 2017

Shooting My First Documentary

In summer 2016 I shot my first short documentary. When it got picked up by FilmConvert who then interviewed me about the film, I was pretty excited, and felt rather proud of myself…

Posted 20th February 2017

Tamara Gabriel

Tamara Gabriel

Writer, Director, Filmmaker

When I began my journey into filmmaking in summer 2016, I knew I wanted to start out by filming a documentary; I loved the idea of the unpredictability of it, the fast pace at which I'd have to go about it. Plus, people have always interested me; their lives, they're feelings, they're choices, the stories they share. After shooting my first documentary, I had the bug - I wanted to film another. Then I got the itch to explore screenwriting, to try and produce a short film.