Release Date:
22nd June 2017

Running time: 3 mins

After 4 weeks of dating, Alice still wakes up before Matt and creeps to the bathroom to get freshened up so that he doesn't see her 'morning-look'. One morning, he sees more than she was ever comfortable for him to see at such an early stage in their relationship, and she's absolutely mortified. Matt however finds it somewhat amusing.

Originally created for the My Rode Reel 2017 film competition.

My Rode Reel


Bye Bob, A Short Film


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Tamara Gabriel

Writer / Director / DP

Tamara Gabriel

Dion Douglas

Sound Recordist

Dion Douglas

Graham Huges

BTS / Clapper Loader

Graham Hughes

David Ellard

Playing 'MATT'

David Ellard

Iona Stewart-Richardson

Playing 'ALICE'

Iona Stewart-Richardson


from behind the scenes